Berlin 11

Mission Statement

Im Rahmen der "Berlin 11" Open Access Konferenz wurde von der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft der Entwurf für ein "mission statement" vorgestellt. Die Kommentare und Anmerkungen der Konferenzteilnehmer sind in das "mission statement" eingeflossen. Das Dokument soll der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft als Leitlinie für die weitere Umsetzung von Open Access dienen.

Berlin 11 - 10 Jahre Berliner Erklärung

Berlin 11, Berlin 2013

"After ten years, it is time to consider how the energy and dedication of our institutions should be renewed and directed toward the challenges of the next decade. It is my pleasure to invite you to participate in this year’s “Berlin Open Access Conference” which will celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Berlin Declaration."

Prof. Dr. Peter Gruss
Präsident der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft (2002-2012)

In conjunction with the Berlin 11 Open Access meeting, the Max Planck Society and Right to Research Coalition hosted the first-ever satellite conference to the Berlin conference series specifically for students and early stage researchers.  

The meeting convened approximately 85 students and early stage researchers for intimate discussions with leading figures in the Open Access movement, including researchers, publishers, policymakers, advocates, and — most importantly — students themselves.

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