International positions on open access

The following overview shows a selection of position papers recently published on the subject of open access. The focus here is on developments in Europe.

2016 (May) EU Council Conclusions "The transition towards an Open Science system"

  • Following a debate on open science, the Council adopted conclusions on the transition towards an open science system. Member states agreed to common goals on open science and to pursue concerted actions together with the Commission and stakeholders. Delegations committed to open access to scientific publications as the default option by 2020 and to the best possible re-use of research data as a way to accelerate the transition towards an open science system.

2016 (April) Open Access Business Models and Current Trends in the Open Access Publishing System

  • The briefing paper, put together by leading experts in the Science Europe Working Group on Open Access to Scientific Publications and available immediately, provides decision makers with a condensed analysis of current business models and trends in scientific publishing.

2013 (12. Juni) G8 Science Ministers Statement

2013 (29. Mai) Global Research Council: Action Plan towards Open Access to Publications

2013 (April) Science Europe Position Statement

2012 (Juli) Research Councils UK: RCUK Policy on Open Access and Supporting Guidance


2012 (Juli) European Commission

2013 (22. Februar) The White House. „Expanding Public Access to the Results of Federally Funded Research | The White House“

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