Open Access

DEAL Operations: Here's the DEAL!

March 12, 2021
Here's the DEAL! [more]

First Transformative Agreement for Nature

October 20, 2020
Landmark agreement between MPDL and Springer Nature creates a route to open access for prestigious Nature journal portfolio [more]

Max Planck Society and American Physical Society sign pilot transformative agreement

July 13, 2020
Hassle-free Open Access publishing in all Physical Review titles [more]

Exceeding the current Open Access requirements of Horizon 2020

April 21, 2020
European Commission provides detailed guidance for projects working on COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2, and related topics [more]

National Open Access Transformative Agreement with Springer Nature

January 09, 2020
Germany's project DEAL and Springer Nature finalize world's largest transformative Open Access agreement [more]

DEAL: World’s largest transformative open access agreement

August 22, 2019
Memorandum of Understanding signed by Projekt DEAL and Springer Nature. The German subscription spendings for Springer journals will be systematically rededicated from 2020 onwards in order to make publications from German scientific institutions freely available at Springer Nature.

Research performing and research funding organizations working together to accelerate the transition to open access      

May 09, 2019
Removing financial support of a scholarly communication system based on paywalled subscriptions [more]
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