How to Fund your Post-FP7 OA Publication

The EC has launched a Pilot to fund OA publications for finalized FP7 projects through the OpenAIRE project.

May 11, 2015

A pilot funding instrument to support Open Access publishing for post-grant FP7 projects has been initiated.  The Gold Open Access Pilot provides an additional instrument to improve access to research results from FP7 projects, but does not affect authors' choice on how their project publications are made Open Access.


Gold Open Access Pilot provides aadditional instrument to make FP7 project research results Open Access. It does not affect authors' freedom to choose which way their project publications should be made Open Access. Detailed information is available online. The FP7 Gold OA Policy Guidelines are available for download PDF

In addition, the basics about the European Commission’s Gold Open Access Pilot and how to apply for funding is explained in a FAQ.

Key points of the pilot

  • The Gold Open Access Pilot will cover OA Article Processing Charges (APCs) for FP7 projects up to two years after they end.
  • Four (4) million Euros are being provided by the EC to support Open Access publications arising from FP7 projects finished no longer than two years ago at funding request submission time.
  • Only publications that are invoiced after end of the project (and are therefore not eligible for reimbursement from the project budget) are eligible for funding from this Pilot.
  • A maximum of three publications per FP7 project will be funded.
  • Funded publications must be peer-reviewed and be made available under a CC-BY licence where possible.
  • Publications should be deposited into an OpenAIRE-compliant repository
  • OA monographs will be eligible for the pilot
  • Previously published FP7 publications will not be eligible
  • European Research Council and Marie Curie projects are eligible
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